Vladimír Bukač

During his studies at Academy of Music Arts he became in a centre of attention thanks to his success in many international competitions. He studied music at the University of music in Freiburg (Germany). In 1990-1993 he worked in Japan as a soloist and a member of chamber orchestra at Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa, where he also continued in his solo career by playing not only a violin, but also a viola. As a soloist he has performed at prestigious stages in Osaka, Tokio, Nagoya, Australia and New Zealand. After his return from Japan he became a member of Talich’s Quartet, where he firstly played a violin and since 1997 also a viola. He still plays both instruments and is usually invited to perform at music festivals in Europe, Japon, Israel and the USA. He made a huge success while playing a concert for BBC in Bristol. This concert has been streamed in 60 countries. Since 2002 he works as a professor at the University in Dresden (Germany), where he is responsible for the viola department.